Have you ever wondered what a professional health expert uses to keep them up to date? Well, look no further.

Below is a starter list for all things absent – or as we like to positively call it now  ‘attendance management’.

There are other websites I use and I will add to this list as I remember more.

Subject for Attendance ManagementShort code for browserWho, what and how
Access to Work Guidebit.ly/2wUBFnIFunding for workplace adjustments for employers
Bradford Index to Manage Absencebit.ly/2wUjKh2Working Well Solutions article
Employer Help book for Statutory Sick Paybit.ly/2wUYmbzHM Revenue and Customs
Equality Act guidancebit.ly/2ttDKCeDisability advice for workplaces
Fit for work service help sheetsbit.ly/2gEJxDBGov. UK fact sheets
Fit for Work service bit.ly/2vBzfGTScotland 0800 019 2211 (free)
Fit for Work servicebit.ly/2vBKFdHEngland and Wales 0800 032 6235 (free)
Is it a health or safety hazard?bit.ly/2ttgC6GWorking Well Solutions article
Long-Term Sickness and Incapacitybit.ly/2h2DdC5NICE Guidance
Manager Guide: Phased Return to Work  bit.ly/2ttc9AYWorking Well Solutions article
Manager’s guide to managing absencebit.ly/2wULBhjWorking Well Solutions article
Managing for Health and Safetybit.ly/2tsX2HN HSE guidance
Recovering from Surgerybit.ly/2tQtpR4 Royal College of Surgeons lists of recovery times
Requesting a formal referral to OHbit.ly/2wUeOZn Working Well Solutions article
Return to Work After  Sickness Absencebit.ly/2wUot2h CIPD
Return to Work Interviewsbit.ly/2uNeDhh Working Well Solutions video
Risk Assessmentbit.ly/2wUDsctGuidance from HSE
Sick and holiday paybit.ly/2wUyJYaAcas article
Sickness absencebit.ly/2tsM98VHSE general information
What is occupational health (video)bit.ly/2wUEwwZ Working Well Solutions

Am I missing any Links?

I hope you find this list useful, if you use any different or can suggest some more, please let me know by adding the link in the reply box below.