Attendance Management Resources
Attendance Management Resources

Have you ever wondered what a professional health expert uses to keep them up to date? Well, look no further.

Below is a starter list for all things absent – or as we like to positively call it now  ‘attendance management’.

There are other websites I use and I will add to this list as I remember more.

Subject for Attendance Management Short code for browser Who, what and how
Access to Work Guide Funding for workplace adjustments for employers
Bradford Index to Manage Absence Working Well Solutions article
Employer Help book for Statutory Sick Pay HM Revenue and Customs
Employers Direct Free legal advice for UK businesses
Equality Act guidance Disability advice for workplaces
Fit for work service help sheets Gov. UK fact sheets
Fit for Work service Scotland 0800 019 2211 (free)
Fit for Work service England and Wales 0800 032 6235 (free)
Is it a health or safety hazard? Working Well Solutions article
Long-Term Sickness and Incapacity NICE Guidance
Manager Guide: Phased Return to Work Working Well Solutions article
Manager’s guide to managing absence Working Well Solutions article
Managing for Health and Safety  HSE guidance
Recovering from Surgery  Royal College of Surgeons lists of recovery times
Requesting a formal referral to OH  Working Well Solutions article
Return to Work After  Sickness Absence  CIPD
Return to Work Interviews  Working Well Solutions video
Risk Assessment Guidance from HSE
Sick and holiday pay Acas article
Sickness absence HSE general information
What is occupational health (video)  Working Well Solutions

Am I missing any Links?

I hope you find this list useful, if you use any different or can suggest some more, please let me know by adding the link in the reply box below.