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Working Well Solutions Consultancy
Working Well Solutions Consultancy

Is your business coping with the changes in government policy and incentives or issues with workplace health and safety and the costs involved in getting the problems sorted?  Do you know where to go to get the best advice that is not going to cost a fortune?

I believe in empowering managers and workers to manage their health and not rely on random processes and over the top risk assessment.  I also like simple language and taking the BS out of health management.  If you want fancy words and pretty documents I can give you those but what you need is a healthy and safe workplace. And that is my top priority.

If it’s too fancy, things just don’t get done.  So engage me, a health and safety consultant who helps you understand the issue and gives you the tools to deal with it, taking into account UK health and safety legislation and relevant solutions.

This site will help you if you are:

1.  A Workplace Manager

Those who don’t feel comfortable managing worker’s health because they don’t have the skills or necessary information.

2.  An Occupational Health and Safety Professional

Those who are working alone, new to the profession or in a new job.

3.  A Worker or Employee

Those who are struggling at work because of health issues or who want to know their legal rights.

I write about Health and Safety at Work with issues such as an ageing workforce, obesity and wellbeing issues?

Nowadays you can’t afford to let your workers get sick because of the work they do.

About Me

I am a fully qualified occupational health and safety consultant and been in the industry for 25 years plus – working my way up from a hands-on occupational health treatment nurse at the Fords plant in Southampton to an OH Director of Occupational Health, advising the UK Construction Industry through Constructing Better Health.  My two most recent jobs have been with High Speed 2, dealing with occupational health and safety issues and setting out a strategy for the next ten years or so and assisting a new occupational health and well-being company break into the market.

I was the lead nurse in the NHS, local government and various manufacturing industries, giving me insights into all sorts of workplace health and safety hazards, but, more importantly, strategies for improving workers


I also was a SEQOHS assessor when the new system of accreditation for occupational health services began.  Read one of my posts on the subject here.

You will see my health and safety books (all available on Amazon) from my bookshelf page, but I have also been key in helping the HSE and IOSH with their policy and procedures – in fact, you might want to download the ‘Occupational Health Management iOH Management in the Workplace front covern the Workplace‘ free document from the IOSH site or, something I am really proud of – the guidance from the Strategic Forum for Plant Safety on the medical standards for Plant Operators.

Contact Me

I am available for consultancy work for strategic issues linked to health at work.  I always promote good health management and encourage employees to manage their own health problems.

If you have a question or a problem on workplace health and safety hazards do not hesitate to call 07710 080947 or email me using the contact form

I hope you enjoy the site, any constructive feedback greatly appreciated

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