Are you addicted to Sugar?

Sugar Versus Fat in the Diet

Is sugar or fat the main culprit for the obesity crisis.

A Horizon, television programmes used twins, one to eat fats and one sugar.

The programme followed the two brothers (both doctors) during the experiment. There were also regular blood tests and some cognitive tests during the programme and endurance tests.

The makers of the programme pointed out that the results could not be conclusive yet went on to say that both fats and sugar when included as equal amounts in food were the lethal combination  in terms of addiction.

For more in-depth analysis of the issue and the program read the review from the Daily Mail here

Sugar is Addictive

A green apple presented as an oblong with a straw sticking out of the side, like a drink carton.
How many teaspoons of sugar in a carton of Apple Juice?

Last year a book pointed out that sugar and not fat is the most likely candidate for the obesity crisis. Asking ‘Are you addicted to sugar?’ and likening sugar to controlled drugs.  

The author says: ‘Cocaine and heroin are deadly because they are addictive and toxic – and so is sugar. “We need to wean ourselves off. We need to de-sweeten our lives. We need to make sugar a treat, not a diet staple,” he said.

Lustig’s book, Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar has made waves in America and has now been published in the UK by 4th Estate. As a pediatrician who specialises in treating overweight children in San Francisco, he has spent 16 years studying the effects of sugar on the central nervous system, metabolism and disease.

Action Stations

Following on from the book, the Horizon programme and researching further, I decided to desweeten.  No Easter eggs or sugar or sweeteners wherever possible for me and including the sugar in tea and coffee.  It had to go.

What is most pleasing is eating eggs, bread and meat without feeling guilty, which I had done for years.

I started my campaign four weeks ago and have lost 5 pounds which is rather incredible considering my holiday cruise on the Danube in the middle and I’ve eaten more than usual.

Whilst I love the weight loss what I like more is no cravings for sweets and chocolate and battles with my willpower.

I see this as a long-term strategy.

If you try this diet remember that the body needs sugar and you can’t cut it out completely.  You will need 50 grams woman and 40 grams men of sugar (although you have to take into account your current weight and daily activities).

I have found this particular programme very easy to keep and I’m rarely hungry. So my money is backing sugar as the culprit for the obesity crisis we have.

Have a look at my video on the hidden sugar in foods

Have you tried this programme?  Tell me your experience. For more information and to read the review of Lustigs book click here

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