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Hi everyone, just coming near to finishing my fiction book, ‘The Forgotten Room.’

The Forgotten Room

Our heroine is Carina, a wooden heart piece and part of the ‘Where’s My Heart’ Board game. All of them are suffering from neglect. For many years now. Mrs and Mrs Wedlock only play with the chess set and cards. And, Mr Wedlock, an architect is out of work. Mrs Wedlock can’t help, she misses the family and lonely.

This Christmas, all the family are coming home and Mr Wedlock hopes to recreate the old days. He loves Christmas. But the house is ramshackle and they don’t have any money to get it up to spec which is why they don’t use the games room anymore.

The weather forecasters predict a hard winter with loads of snow; will the electric wiring and the water pipes stand up to the extra burden?

All the games are aware of the family issues  and Carina believes that playing games will help everyone. The Chess set is not too bothered about the Games Room being locked up – they are all right jack and are in charge. Her goal is to make sure the family play with all the games. This is their last chance to demonstrate their positive impact on family life. If not, they will be going to the local hospital, the charity shop, or, the dump.

Will Carina and George have a good Christmas playing games?

Publishing Date

I aim to publish this book in May 2019 and it will be available on Amazon and Kobo as both an e-book with paperback option too.

Help Please


I have three covers on offer for the book.

Which one do like best?  Any other comments gratefully received.

The Forgotten Room book cover
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The Forgotten Room book cover
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The Forgotten Room book cover
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Beta Readers

I would also appreciate anyone who has the time to the first to read with a view to picking up typo’s and repeats. It would also be useful to have comments about the structure and how the plot works (are there any holes?).

First Chapter (sample draft)

Halo and Big Toe arrived late. Arguing. This time about Cluedo.

“Definitely the revolver! No question, distance and certainty, guaranteed!” Big Toe shouted.
Carina was already there, limping back and forth on the green puzzle mat. She gripped a scroll and moved her lips as she practised her speech.

“Keep to your own game,” said Miss Peacock, “Anyway, it’s usually the candlestick in the billiard room. Afterwards, you pop into the library, read the paper, and recover. Quite satisfying, yes?” she smiled at Halo whose eyes followed Carina’s unsteady pacing.
Carina looked round at the gathering crowd. She stopped her eyes rolling as Peacock began the lecture on Cluedo. Again! Right now, she wished they would all go away so she could concentrate.
Reverend Green snored softly in the wing back chair in the corner, his bible open on his lap as Ebb Halo moved close to Carina,

“I hate doing this Ebb, I am so nervous, I haven’t slept thinking about it,” she said. Ebb was her best friend in the games room. After all, they were the main characters in one of oldest board game in the Wedlock family ‘Where’s My Heart.’

Around them, the other games mingled, enjoying being out of their boxes. “But look at them. You wouldn’t think it was an emergency,” said Carina.

“You’ll be fine. Just do it how we practised,” Halo said as Carina closed her eyes, concentrating.
He studied her face as the frown disappeared and shoulders relaxed, then shooed off the blue and yellow Tiddlywink jumping near.
The noise in the room grew as the moon rose higher. As more pieces arrived, the conversation and activity fell away. Now there was only the sound of the grandfather clock ticking. On the puzzle mat, lit by a single hooded library lamp, all kinds of board games huddled in the soft orangey glow.

“Begin.” The Chess Black King nodded at Carina.
Carina avoided the Mastermind pegs and braced herself against the table leg. With one final glance at Halo, she straightened, and held up the trembling scroll. She hoped nobody noticed.

“I have called this crisis meeting to discuss our options. As you know, we are not being played anymore,” she said speaking too loud. She looked up from the scroll. Many of the group stared into space as she talked, a few giggled.

Her voice wavered.
“Apart from Chess and the playing cards, we have not been out of our boxes, for a serious games’ night with the Wedlocks, in over three years. This is now an urgent situation. If we don’t do something soon, we end up like Samson the rocking horse.” Again she peeped over the top of the scroll, was anyone listening? She forced herself to talk again. “The Nativity Donkey confirmed; Samson has a plastic sheet over him in the loft. He’s been like that for ten years now,” she said.

The Black Queen nodded to her King.

“It’s true. The only reason Mr Wedlock plays us is that he hasn’t a job. Even then he’s not concentrating on his next move. He sits staring out of the window.”

“We must act now,” said Carina, reading again, “Christmas is nearly here. The house will be full. We must get them to open up this room and play with us. It’s urgent, because.” Carina paused, “If we aren’t played this Christmas; we may as well give up.”

To be continued…

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Jane, April 2019

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