Published on April 3rd – Games People Play by Jane Coombs

Games People Play by Jane Coombs
Games People Play by Jane Coombs

I’ve been writing this book for over two years and it’s out on April 3rd but available for pre-order now at Amazon. Click on this link to go check it out.

It’s about traditional family games who don’t realise their days are numbered because of the influx of all the electronic games, or as they call them, the Noise and Light games. Set in a neglected farmhouse the Wedlock family love playing games and have hoarded loads over the years. At night, or when no one is looking the characters come to life and play their own games which end every year with a prize for the highest scorer in the Games League Table.

The Conflict

The Chess Set, Cluedo, Monopoly and Scrabble are in charge, although Scrabble has lost its ability to speak and can only spell out conversations now.

Over the years, the games have enjoyed a comfortable way of life, that is until the evil iPad with his friends the Xbox and Wii challenge all their values, and try to get rid of the competition.

Scarlett, a misfit, sees the problems and tries to rouse the games to action because with Christmas coming they are sure to be pushed further back into the tallboy or maybe even sent to the Charity Shop. But do they listen?

The game troubles are echoed by the Wedlock family, who are gradually moving further and further away from each other as redundancy, work pressures, old age, bereavement and everyday family life tear them apart. How can Scarlet help the Wedlocks when she can’t even rouse her own Cluedo companions?

Join me in exploring the nostalgia of a gentler time through the eyes of your favourite characters. Dance with the Mastermind pegs and laugh at the Domino’s who always manage a mischievous domino run even on the most serious of occasions; above all, see how technology and change impacts on society now and what we can do to embrace the new yet revere the old ways.

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List of Games Characters



The Wedlock Family Tree and Gordonstones


Family Tree Wedlock and Neighbours
Family Tree Wedlock and Neighbours


Songs – Artists and Lyrics

Name of Song




1. Games People Play Joe South 1968 Joe South
2. YMCA J. Morali, H Belolo and V.E. Willis 1978 Village People
3. Sound of Silence Paul Simon 1964 Simon and Garfunkel
4. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Elton John and Bernie Taupin 1964 Elton John and Kiki Dee
5. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us A Hammond and D Warren 1986 Starship
6. Goodnight Sweetheart R Noble,  J Campbell and R Connelly 1931 Dean Martin
7. Last Christmas George Michael 1986 Wham
8. Only the Lonely R Orbison and J Melson 1961 R Orbison
9. There Goes My Everything D Frazier 1967 E. Humperdinck
10. Heard it Through the Grapevine N Whitfield and B Strong 1983 Marvin Gaye
11. Oh My Darling, Clementine P Montrose or B Bradford 1984 Folk Ballad
12. I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash 1972 Johnny Nash
13. So Long, Farewell O Hammerstein and R Rodgers 1965 Julie Andrews and Cast
14. Lady In Red Chris de Burgh 1966 Chris De Burgh
15. Bad Moon Rising John Fogerty 1969 Creedance, Clearwater Revival
16. Puppet on a String B Martin and P Coulter 1967 Sandie Shaw
17. Those were the Days Raskin 1968 Mary Hopkins
18. Simply the Best M Chapman and H Knight 1989 Tina Turner

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