This page is for all UK Nurses and Midwives who need a Nurses Reflection Diary to use for revalidation.

Hi Everyone,

Just completed a workbook for nurses and midwives that you can buy from Amazon.

I put this together as I always have difficulties finding a piece of paper or a book to capture my reflection pieces, and now, as it is essential for my accreditation as a nurse, I thought I would share my creation!

The book has space for five reflections (as required for re-accreditation) and a template for your supervisor to sign.  This book demonstrates you have kept the necessary information and shown it to a nurse supervisor.

This format is then repeated, lasting for years. My copy will certainly take me to the end of my nursing career. It’s just a shame I never started it earlier. It would have been great to see how my reflections changed over the years.

Example of Reflection

I have also written a reflection to illustrate how this works using the headings from the Gibbs model of reflection, included in the book.  To see this go to

Reflection piece

Image of Adapted Reflection Model use in Diary
Adapted Reflection Model use in Nurses Reflection Diary

The advantages using this Nurses Reflection workbook are:

  • It’s all in one place so easy to find in a hurry
  • Gives an ongoing record of how your nursing and midwifery practice improves over the years
  • It is all confidential to you and your supervisor
  • It covers a period of 4 spells of revalidation, which for many will be the extent of your entire nursing and midwifery career.

If you want to know more, have a look at my video below.

What’s in the Book?

Good luck with the accreditation process and hope my Nurses Reflection diary helps. Let me know if I can include anything more to help?