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Drinking Coffee – Is it Bad for Your Health?

Many people dislike drinking too much coffee yet carry on drinking it – others fly in the face of public opinion and indulge in high caffeine content all day long – some after 6 o’clock at night – how daring is that?

Coffee got the bad press back in the early 90’s as science classified it as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (group 2B). However, we now find the classification was based on “limited evidence” and even a biased attitude.

The UK NHS Choices website, tells us that current cancer/coffee evaluation is much more circumspect now, with a larger body of proof (nearly 500 relevant studies) identifying more than 20 different types of cancer and probable causes. Seems that after a lot of epidemiological evidence.  And a lot of people scratching their head, they agreed there was no association between coffee drinking and cancers of the pancreas, female breast, and prostate. Plus reduced risks for liver and endometrial cancers.

So the group concluded the evidence for “coffee drinking causing cancer” was inadequate.

The Podcast on Healthy Life

I’ve also just listened to a podcast from James Altucher, one of my favourite online writers,  who interviews a Harvard Professor – Dr Sanjiv Chopra about, (among other things) coffee and how many cups it’s good for you to drink a day and he recommends….. Wait for it.

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Four to five cups per day. Yes, exactly! Four to five. But probably not with cream and sugar and a shot of vanilla essence, but I can do without those if I can have my coffee.

Why Drink Coffee?

Evidently coffee has many ingredients which are good for our liver, pancreas and general health and the news is supported by even the NHS now

The podcast also talked about supplementing vitamin D because we all spend too much time indoors or use high factor sunscreen to prevent absorption of sun’s rays when we are outside today.

Professor Chopra cites how people in India have low levels of Vitamin D because of industrial pollution.  This makes it difficult for the sun’s rays to penetrate to the people below.

And how meditation is superb for us.  I meditate every day.

Coffee Drinking From Now On

I am looking forward to buying the book from Dr Sanjiv Chopra, the Big 5, Simple Things To Do to Live Longer but until I get to read it, I’m going with all the recommendations, especially the coffee drinking one.  I’ve also brought my Vitamin D supplements too.

Listen to the James and Dr Chopra podcast here (no affiliation, just great information)

Be glad of your opinion in the comments section.

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