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Changing your Interior and Print Runs in CreateSpace

Reflection for Nurses
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After having my print on demand (pod) book on sale for some months through CreateSpace. I had some worrying feedback.

It didn’t come to me directly as an email, but during a conversation with a friend about another subject.  I casually mentioned that I published a new book ‘Nurses Reflection Diary’

The conversation went something like this

“I bought that book it was rubbish!” she said

“Are you joking?” I said my heart sinking.

“No, you know I’ll always support you.  But this was not a helpful book at all.”

“Do you want your money back?” Was all I could think of to say.

“No of course not.” she said laughing.

We went on to talk about other things, and I hoped the comments had washed off my back; being an author you often get negative feedback.

I don’t think people appreciate how sensitive we authors are.

However as the days went on it became more and more of a worry. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not helped by the Nursing Midwifery Council issuing guidance for revalidation which said everyone had to use their forms.  

New Design For My Book

So I started to redesign my book, using my reflection for demonstrating how the book worked.  It was an incident that happened to me many years ago.  It was a real event and one that always stays with me.  I linked the reflection to the new code of conduct for nurses and added a reflective model on each writing page.

I also made lots of other tweaks to the Reflection Diary and some weeks later uploaded it to Create Space as a new inside manuscript for the book.   I then sat back and breathed a sigh of relief.

Upload to CreateSpace 

I had checked the book looked OK by using the online reviewer provided by Create Space, and just to make sure it was okay I ordered a proof print from America which usually takes about a week to arrive. As I was anxious to make sure everything was OK, I paid a premium price for delivery in two days.

I was pleased with the results of my editing and with the content I added, so I gave the go-ahead for it to go on sale. 

On Sale in the Amazon Store

I ordered three or four copies on the Amazon UK site after a few days, as I wanted to send my disappointed friend a new one. I also wanted a few just to put on my library shelf.

When the new book arrived, I was aghast. It was still in the original format. 

I contacted Create Space who said that I ordered the second print too quickly, it took a few days for the changes to go through.

So I waited a week and ordered another four. And yes, you guessed, when it arrived it was still in the original format from the UK Amazon store. 

Print Run – Small Print

Old timer print run image
Old timer print run

This called for serious action so I braced myself and phoned Amazon who said that they didn’t deal with author problems.  I needed to speak to somebody else (in America) or if I’d like to write and email?

Which I did.

CreateSpace told me how printers run off a batch of copies on each print run. They don’t throw those away if the book content changes but continue to send out the old format until they are gone. Only then do they do a new print run.

I asked how many copies I had left, and it turns out they had 13.  I had a few options, wait for these to sell or buy up the remaining stock myself. Thinking quickly, I reduced the price of my print book to the lowest I could get away with and brought the 13 old copies and binned them. Luckily it only cost me about £30 due to my price reduction.

Reflection on Reflections

Changing my manuscript and book was not as easy as it is with Kindle. If you want to change a Kindle interior, it is straightforward with no problems of hunting down why the book does not match that shown on the ‘look inside’ feature.  

This incident was a real learning curve for me – from now on I am determined to get it right first time.  The first print run will probably be the first of many.

If you are thinking of self-publishing and print on demand through CreateSpace, be aware of my adventure.

Incidentally, if anyone is displeased with the Nurses Reflection Diary they have purchased on Amazon, I will cheerfully refund your money.

Link to my Nurse’s Reflection Diary on Amazon.

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