How To Look After the “Elf” (Health) – in Health and Safety

For Manager, Safety Professionals and HR’s ‘elf and Safety Resource

This book looks at the serious issues of assessing health (elf) in the health and safety risk assessment and the differences between the two.

Aimed at employers, contractors, managers, health and safety and occupational health professionals. If you want to understand the importance of health in the health and safety risk assessment process, this is the best place to start.

Called ‘elf and safety – because that is what the UK say when they believe that the profession has gone mad – citing ridiculous cases of over the top responses to simple everyday risks.

How to Look After the 'Elf in Health and Safety image
How to Look After the ‘Elf in Health and Safety

Why isn’t health logical and predictable?  Why do you need health professionals and where do you go for more information?  Why is health difficult and ignored by so many?

How does the bio-psycho-social model influence personal beliefs and how does this fit into health and safety risk assessments?

This book is a step by step guide on health risk assessment and includes case studies, examples and training exercises to test your newly acquired skill.

There are also health and safety resources and clickable links to the most used health websites for reference by professional health and safety specialists in the UK today.

Read this book to answer these and other health anomalies, explained in a simple and straightforward manner using the ‘elf’ to bring such ideas to life.

In a nutshell, it is health and safety made simple with the focus very much on the little-understood health risks in the workplace.

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