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This page and section are to help those who are worried about being sent to Occupational Health.  What does it mean, should I be worried, is my employer going through the motions of caring?  This could not be further from the truth.

Occupational health is about protecting the health of workers and helping managers understand how the work is adapted to help you and how a business deals with you fairly.

This page will give information on common types of issues that employees hemployee helpave concerns about.

The employee help page is here for those who have concerns about health at work and provides references and ways of improving your working life.

I worked in OH for many years, and in some companies, being sent to me was seen as a sort of punishment when all else has failed. Many, misunderstanding my role were afraid of what I might do and the power I have over their job.  The truth is, OH has little power. They can make recommendations but it is up to the Manager to take the advice or do their own thing.

And if I did anything unethical then I could be taken off the nurse register, to see how to complain to the professional body for nurses go the Nursing Midwifery Council website.  Doctors too, have an ethical code of ethics from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

So if you are asked to go to Occupational Health and worried – watch this video which explains exactly what this means and the benefits you can get from talking to my professional colleagues in OH.


Maybe you’re on this page because you currently have a health issue and want some advice?

Why not talk to your manager or employer or you can contact the National Helplines for Occupational Health for advice:

Proper Information

There is also information about workplace health and legislation from this website just use the search button on the home page. Or click on the links below for more information.

The best place to go for general information about health conditions is to the NHS Choices site (bit.ly/2vo1AzZ). The information here is evidence or researched based wherever possible.

The best place for Health and Safety legislation advice is the Health and Safety Executive  website

Other information:


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