First Aid Policy Document with Risk Assessment

First Aid Policy Document and Risk Assessment Template

Employers need to give immediate aid to anyone injured at work as described in the UK Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations: click here to see the UK legislation.

In the event of injury or sudden illness, failure to offer attention could cause a casualty’s death. Employers must make sure that an employee injured or taken ill at work receives immediate attention.  You also need to consider visitors and contractors too.

The regulations say you must provide adequate and proper equipment; to give facilities and people so employees receive immediate help if injured or taken ill at work.

The HSE provides full information about the extent of employers obligations: click here

Occupational health services (if you have one) advises to your organisation about First Aid to your workers and advice about what would be suitable, in the circumstances of your work i.e., is it hazardous, what are the safety risks, how far is your site away from the hospital, and the work you do e.g., safety critical or lone workers – what would be sensible?

On this website is an example policy for you to use for your workplace.

Sections include:

  • Site risk assessment process
  • Communications
  • How to choose a First Aider
  • First Aid Boxes and what they should contain
  • First Aid Room’s and training
  • Treatments
  • Protection for First Aiders
  • Eye wash
  • Monitoring the policy
  • Records  and reporting  of incidents

Free Policy and Risk Assessment to Use

First Aid Policy – download your free copy and risk assessment template: the word version for you to edit – First Aid Policy from WWS or just to have a look before deciding download the First Aid Policy PDF version.

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