Do I need a Forklift Medical Programme at Work?

Forklift medical

Have you been asked to go to occupational health for a forklift medical check?

Or are you a Manager in charge of Forklift drivers.  Do they seem a healthy bunch to you or do you need to organise medicals for your drivers?

For more information, watch this video which tells you what you need to do and why.

Further Advice and Recommendations

The Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group has been working in conjunction with HSE, UKCG, CBH, OH providers and others to draw up new guidance aimed specifically at the management of medical fitness issues for persons operating plant.  The Good Practice Guide was published in February 2013 and currently under review due to the GDPR regulations but there is some good stuff here – I know because I worked on the group to help produce the guidelines. Medical Fitness for Plant

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