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I know, everyone is fed up with messages about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as am I! Reading through the funnies about this I knew I couldn’t do the same to all my subscribers – I have over 5000 subscribers to this site.

I have a confession to make – I did have…

Because looking closer at the names in my user list I see that a Mr Louis Vitton Bags and Miss Moon Boots for Sale have registered quite a few times. There are other weird sign-on names include Charley Farley and Boombangabang with some running into incomprehensible strings of letters.  Methinks they might be fake accounts – yes! I know these things.  Even closer scrutiny suggests half my list is bogus – or maybe more.


I have had an opt-in sign-on form on my site since I started – as someone who is a registered Data Controller that is the thing to do. However, if you signed on to get a free book I did not have an option to request this – you got one whether you wanted one or not. Yikes!  Am I in big trouble?

The New GDPR Law

The thing is, there is no case-law on the new regulations, so, just like the Millenium Bug (remember that?), everyone has gone over the top. Now they are spamming us all to opt-in or we may be lost forever.  At first, yes, I thought it was great that some web services emailed me to check I was still OK with them. Was I happy with their services? But by the end of that week – I started deleting any coming into my inbox without even considering the matter.  I just didn’t care anymore.

Then as I clicked through different websites the annoying pop-ups started too and I knew I had to take this more seriously. So, I cannot decide who is genuine and who are clever marketers so I made the difficult decision to delete all the user accounts on my site and am asking everyone if you still want access and a scintillating regular newsletter every year or so to please sign up again.

Sorry but you wouldn’t want me to go to jail, would you? Would you? Hellloooo?

For more information

See  the ICO site for a Guide to the GDPR
If you have no idea how to become compliant have a look at the official video here

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