How to Get More Occupational Health Contracts and Jobs

Get More Occupational Health Contracts and Jobs

My top twelve tips for increasing your income in your occupational health service

1. Start with agency work such as flu vaccinations, temporary contracts

Use this as a loss leader, get known in a company and do an excellent job.  They will think of you when they have another occupational health job come up. Or if you want to experience and new to occupational health, why not try the local market and see what floats your boat without committing?

2. Networking or making contacts via training or social media

Go to health and safety events such as exhibitions or local group meetings, such as IOSH or local business groups.

Comment and ‘like’ articles and posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Being the best at what you do

Over-deliver on everything you do, but don’t overdo the paperwork you produce.  That means – keep it smart, simple, short and sweet.

4. Trying to help everyone even if they don’t deserve it

Even that awful manager or HR person.  There is a business law of reciprocity – or you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours; this happens in business much more than you think.

5. Keeping in contact with old colleagues

Link with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or via a chatroom.  Follow them into a new job.

6. Watch job opportunities carefully to see where and what jobs are available and adapt your service to suit

If you see a lot of jobs for the NHS, maybe you ought to brush up on vaccination skills.  If a lot of call centres around you – how about specialising in display screen assessments?  It’s all about supply and demand.  It will be no good specialising in local government if there are no jobs available.  Be flexible and ready to learn new skills as you go.

7. Monitor government tender sites

For contracts to the public sector worth over £10000 watch key sites where they are advertised or where they may be coming up

8. Become the number one expert e.g. absence management, stress management, computer set-ups, construction

Why cover every OH situation?  Why not specialise in say setting up a First Aid service, health surveillance, health promotion or stress risk assessments and use targeted advertising via Facebook to get your message out?  The more you do, the better you will become.

9. Send solutions to OH companies free

You may notice that an OH provider or service is doing things all wrong or have a better suggestion for efficiency.  Why not drop them a line with your idea?

10. Offer to be a subcontractor to an OH provider

It’s tough to get OH staff nowadays especially for big contractors such as Duradiamond or Bupa.  Maybe you could offer to take over a small part of their business for them; this could become the bread and butter work for your service.  To find the bigger OH services look on the SEQOHS website for a list of over 100 accredited occupational health service providers and all their contact addresses.

11.  Link with OH training organisations

Give the local university a call and offer a placement to those in training.  Or how about proposing to do a training session with the students on site?  It’s all about networking.  Someone may remember you when they need more occupational health services.

12.  Google

You need to have the search engine optimisation (SEO) for your company if you want to appear near the top of the Google listings.  It’s said that most people only read the first page of Google search results.  Watch this video if you need to know more.

You should also get your occupational health company registered on Google brand pages too.

There they are, my top tips for getting more occupational health contracts and jobs.  Have you got one that works for you and I’ve not mentioned it?  Share it with others by using the comment box.

Or why not buy my book: How to Start a Healthy Business: An Insider’s Guide to Occupational Health Success

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