Videos and Information Resources

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1. What is Occupational Health?

A short video setting out exactly what Occupational Health is and can be used as a background when delivering a presentation to prospective clients.

2. Occupational Health Technician Training Video

This video will provide the start point for those in Occupational Health who want to train up their own technicians

3. Skin Care in the Workplace

Use this video as the foundation for training

4. Bradford Factor and Managing Absence

If you use Bradford for absence management in your company and want to understand how it works and when to use – watch this:

5. Preventing Vibration White Finger

Also called Hand-Arm Vibration.  Watch this video to see testing procedures and how you can measure vibration

6. Managers Guide to Occupational Health

7. Employees’ Guide to Occupational Health

8. Bullying in the Workplace

9. Spirometry in the Occupational Health Setting

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Protocols to Adapt