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or Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service is a set of standards and a process of accreditation, aimed at raising the overall standard of care provided by occupational health services. And in the process, contributing to the good health of people at work or those who would like to be at work.

The Government launched ‘Healthy staff, better care for patients’ on 29 July 2011. This states that all occupational health services who deal with patient care (i.e., the NHS) must work towards the Faculty of Occupational Medicine accreditation. The NHS special category was removed a few years later and the construction domain was amalgamated into the body of the standards too.

Since then there is a drive to get all OH services accredited so they can compete for government OH contracts.  Many of the larger national OH services, as well as a significant proportion of the NHS services. The supposition being that anyone who isn’t must either be in the process or mad not to want to…


  • enabling OH services meet aspirational standards of practice
  • crediting high quality occupational health services for their good work and providing independent validation that satisfy standards of quality
  • raising OH standards across the board
  • helping purchasers and customers find good OH services

Or if you want to access the SEQOHS frequently asked question sheet

If you want some help in sorting out what you need to do why not contact the SEQOHS office

I was a SEQOHS assessor and recommend the accreditation although there is a lot of work to get the paperwork and process in order. The five domains to prepare are:
  1. Business Probity (Transparency, truthfulness, financial systems)
  2. Information Governance (confidentiality, GDPR, consent, compliance)
  3. People (Training, professional development, competencies)
  4. Facilities and Equipment (suitability, privacy, maintenance, risk assessment)
  5. Relationship with purchasers (appropriate services, feedback, input)
  6. Relationship with workers (confidentiality, consultation, feedback)

For the evidence guide 2018 (what you need to focus on and prepare for the audit with some examples.

Good luck