Shows a simple example of management information using a spreadsheet and how this converts to a chart
Example of Management Information

My Template Collection

Over the years I’ve collected, modified and used templates whilst practising occupational health.

They’ve proved useful when keeping records as required for professional practice, data protection and legal requirements.

These templates are free to use and the basic starting place for forms needed for different organisations and OH practice.

Please adapt as necessary, adding your own logo’s and fitting in with your company style.

Free Templates Download

  • At a Glance Fitness Advice Form: a form used to carry information back to managers in a quick fashion with tick boxes and standardised phrases to cut down on time both to produce the information and for managers to read and act on quickly
  • Anonymised Results final: Recommended under legislation such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) that groups of workers health results are fed back to management.  If there are health issues then this indicates the current control methods need tightening.  Provide the information with this template.
  • Case Conference Meeting Notes: Complex and difficult case management can become difficult to communicate on paper or email.  For some cases, it might be better to get together with management, safety, health and the worker to discuss the situation and options available in an open way.  This not only cuts down misunderstanding but can minimise the time spent on cases.example flow chart
  • Consent for GP report: Workers have to give consent for information from their own GP or Specialist to be released.  Modify this template to use.
  • Consent flowchart: There are regulations that apply when requesting health information and workers have rights.  This flowchart is a free template download for you to use and adapt as necessary.
  • DSE assessment form:  The free templates download includes an assessment form for assessors to work through when trying to decide if the Display Screen Equipment meets users and regulations requirements.
  • First Aid Risk Assessment: A word document you can adapt and use for your company
  • GDPR Privacy Notice: A privacy statement you can adapt to suit your company
  • General Health Questionnaire: A general health questionnaire for workers to complete before seeing an occupational health professional.
  • Health record: A free template download of a health record (as described under COSHH)
  • Consent for OH Assessment Report: After writing your report to Management make sure your client is happy to sign to say it can go.
  • Letter to GP:  Don’t waste your time drafting a new letter each time you write to a workers GP – use the free templates download to adapt for each letter.  Easy to use.
  • Management Report:  A tabbed form for you to fill in and use for sending back a report to managers after a management referral – save as a template in word and resave in Word as a document when have completed report.
  • Management Referral form: Managers who request Occupational Health advice can use this management referral form to ask consistent and legally correct questions and that the worker understands the process.  Don’t forget the training for managers that goes with this though.
  • New and Expectant Mothers RA Risk assessment for new and expectant mothers with guidance notes.
  • Night Workers Health Checks: Workers should be offered health checks under the Working Time Regulations.  This free templates download is the health questionnaire used as the basis for deciding if a formal health check is required.  Administered by health professionals only.

OH Recruitment – 2 Free Templates download

  1. Matrix for Assessing Application forms – Short Listing Matrix for easy selection of candidates to interview
  2. Occupational Health Professionals – Interview Questions Competency Based for OH Professionals

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  • Why not go to the free policy documents page too – these can be adapted to suit your organisations’ occupational health and safety needs – click here to be taken to the page.

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