Health Professionals to Declare Pharmafees from 2016

Track your Salaries and Payments

From 2016 all health professionals receiving money from pharmaceutical companies, the so-called pharmafee, will be published in a public database.

The first information collected will be from 2015.

How will these pharmafee payments be made public?

In the UK we are developing a single, searchable, publicly available database to display the payment information. Accessed through the ABPI website; users can search the data using a simple tool or download the dataset. This means that any patient should be able to see payments made by a company to their healthcare professional treating them. The database will also show what type of work the payment was for.

This has come about because of the problems of bias. Many wonder whether research projects and opinions have a bias attached to them.  With the new database, however, there is nowhere to hide.  I believe it’s a good thing to happen in the name of transparency and integrity.  Great job ABPI.  We should remember though that this only applies to about 33 countries and is not applicable across the globe.  Perhaps in time though….

What You D0 Now

So keep a careful note of fees or funding you may receive, such as, attending or speaking at a conference.

You will be asked to confirm the data before it goes public but it may be hard to remember exactly who and why you spoke or acted one year down the line.

For more info go to the ABPI website for a full explanation or watch the video here.

From 2017

Disclosure UK is the first database of its kind in the UK.

For up to date information on how the Pharmafee initiative is working, visit the Media Centre page on the ABPI website 



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