Occupational Health Supervision Policy

Start with an Occupational Health Supervision Policy

Why have an Occupational Health Supervision Policy

I believe occupational health and safety starts with the policy – without it, no one understands the reasons behind health surveillance and workers are suspicious of managers sending them along to occupational health for help and advice.

Remember to consult with workers, unions and workplace representatives to get everyone on board to what is a big part of compliance with legislation.

Does your organisation have its own occupational health supervision policy?

If not, here is a template policy for you to adapt to suit your particular organisation – click on the link below: Health Supervision Policy

Once you have a policy – go ahead and do it.  If it doesn’t fit every situation, then review the bits that don’t work and rewrite.  Start with simple and hit the most pressing health issues first.  Build on your experience and make the occupational health supervision policy more complex as you learn about the business.  You know, the practices they don’t tell you about?

After you’ve implemented the policy – you need to make sure that everyone is doing their bit to make it work and that is where auditing comes in.

Write some simple checking procedures and see how you fare.  Without the full cycle you cannot really say that your occupational health supervision policy is really working.

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