A Manager Guide to Occupational Health (video)

A Manager Guide to Occupational Health

Many Managers, HR, Safety and employers have asked me to summarise what Occupational Health is and does and requested presentations in the form of a guide.

Even seasoned Occupational Health professionals ask for information in a presentation form to give to supervisors and managers new to occupational health, and how an occupational health service has the potential to keep workers safe and healthy plus be compliant with legislation.

In answer to this I have produced the video below ‘A Manager Guide to Occupational Health’ available to use.

If you have any questions about this video please contact me via my contact details

Information in this video is supported by other posts on my website – such as ‘6 questions you can ask Occupational Health‘ just click on the link or put your query in the site search box.

For those working in or with occupational health services why not check out my e-book ‘How to Start a Healthy Business: An Insiders Guide to Occupational Health Success –  available from Amazon?  To get a sneak preview of the book click here.

Supporting this video will be my second e-book How to look after the ‘Elf’ in Health and Safety aimed at Managers and safety professionals wanting to maintain a healthy workplace with the least fuss and cost.  A step by step guide to really looking at health.

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