Mentor – Introduction

Everyone says you need a mentor to get that extra boost for a stellar career; but have you ever asked a burning question of someone who you consider an expert in that subject and then had to sit quietly by whilst they go off on one? Totally on the wrong track whilst you try to explain that isn’t what you asked? Or else, they are telling you to consider stuff that you tried way back in the quest for the answer?

Well, that has happened to me so many times, I had almost given up on ever finding this elusive wise one called a mentor.

I have worked with wise people but they are generally wise in a few areas and not all-rounders – despite that I keep on searching.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring Success System
Mentoring Success System

The word mentoring comes from the name of the adviser of the young Telemachus in Homer’s Odyssey. As Odysseus sets off on his journey to Troy, he entrusts his friend Mentor with the care and education of his son. Legend has it that Odysseus instructed Mentor to “Tell him all that you know”, setting the standard for aspiring mentors. Nowadays the definition has lost some of its magic and becomes:

a “process whereby an experienced, highly regarded, an empathic person (the mentor) guides another person (the mentee) in the development and re-examination of their own ideas, learning, and personal and professional development. The mentor, who often, but not necessarily, works in the same organisation or field as the mentee, achieves this by listening and talking in confidence to the mentee.”

It’s said that those who pair with a mentor in business are twice as likely to stay in their job than those who do not receive mentorship.

Find Your Mentor

If you think a mentor might help you or you are thinking of being one yourself – download this free booklet I have written based on my mentoring of students and professionals alike.  And if you want to contact me to discuss setting up a formal arrangement, get in contact with my now by using the comment box here on my site.

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