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Mohawk, or Management of Health at Work Knowledge (don’t you just love the acronym) is a database. For full information visit the new website here. Occupational health (OH) services pay to upload onto MOHAWK and compare data with each other for benchmarking purposes. Management of this service was split between Syngentis, a ‘not for profit’ organisation, and NHS Health at Work and from January 2018 transferred to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

What is Mohawk?

Mohawk is the name of this database.  Here you can manipulate data and compare your information with others who have joined too.

To see why you would join, to summarise,  the primary role is to help each business with clinical governance and for driving improvement in occupational health by benchmarking against others. For a full list of benefits of Mohawk see the website. Currently, there is no facility for single OH practitioners to join, it is only for businesses.

According to the website, each OH service enters data twice a year; there are regular briefing notes to help participating organisations.

Having looked at the data collection, I see that it is mainly health care worker focussed (NHS) with data about vaccinations, time off sick and PEP.

To see the clinical indicators in more detail, go to the Mohawk clinical indicators page on the website, to see if you already collect the information or whether you need to start before joining up.


There are contact numbers for those who use COHORT or OPAS computer data management systems already,  presumably to give an automatic upload?

Mohawk Costs

Costs for joining for non-NHS occupational health services was £475 per annum in 2014. For that, you can enter two lots of data. I’m not sure if it’s any different now (2018), but if you have queries then you ask via a request form. Surely you should put this on the registration form?

There is no mention of the cost for NHS services signing up, which is disappointing.  It would be interesting to compare prices of public and private companies.


According to the Mohawk website, there are over 250 OH companies using the database and associated tools.  From the info there, I suspect the most are NHS (no published list of users).

The New Website

Since my original article on the site, it’s moved to FOM management and the site is totally overhauled giving a better user experience. Gone are the misleading images and the text is clearer with an easily readable script. However, the text size is rather small if you try to read without enlarging it.

I should have liked to see more about the clinical governance board. Who are the members? Again, I couldn’t find any names here on the site.

If I was thinking of joining (and I can’t because I am a single practitioner), I should like to see examples of data presentation and real case studies that show Mohawk’s value.  There are plenty of testimonials, so I guess it would be easy to ask for some and upload them. There is a short video that demonstrates how to input data and a slide with a bar chart; not sure how helpful this example is though as I don’t understand it.  Maybe because I don’t work in the NHS?

Are you a user of Mohawk?  Would love to hear how it’s going especially if you are not NHS. Or would you recommend this to other OH companies? And recommend it to me as well.


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