My Favourite Resources for Inner Peace

It’s a tough time for many with the Coronavirus outbreak and pandemic. I’ve noticed strange behaviours from friends and family linked to excessive thoughts, worries and feelings of isolation. For many inner peace is gone. And mine is battered. I struggled with focusing on writing and forced myself to do what I normally enjoy. After all, the lockdown did not affect what I do every other day. Totally demotivated. It wasn’t just for writing and painting. It was house work, talking to people and for reading and listening to my audiobooks and even walking.

Couldn’t be bothered.

One thing I kept up was a list for coronavirus resources and you can find that page here on my website. I updated my Twitter account regularly with useful information to help people – like how to access sick pay or make your own non-clinical facemask.

Back to Nursing

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I gave up my nursing career a couple of years ago. But I came back onto the National register to help. Unfortunately my husband has a health problem, so I was unable to volunteer for the Nightingale Hospitals or for intensive care and to be honest I’m not sure I had the skills in the short-term. However, I signed up to work in the NHS, whether a GP surgery, or maybe just general nursing duties.

Thousands of nurses went back to the register, which meant there was an inevitable delay in getting my application passed. In the meantime I saw the advertisements for new service, Track and Trace so joined up. I did all the training and did two weeks on on-call. However, there seemed to be plenty of Track and Tracers available – some with no work. So I cancelled my shifts (which were quickly snapped up) in order to give someone else a chance.

I kept my application open to return to the NHS with my inner peace intact.

Today it’s come through  and I’m waiting for a call from the local hospital. I have to say I am excited to go back into uniform and walk the wards. I haven’t been in uniform for 30 years.


I am surprised my resilience was tested. I have always thought of myself as mentally strong but the restrictions for isolation affected me.

I also had symptoms of Covid 19 and booked a drive-through test. Luckily, my test came back negative. But I continued isolating for the specified time and my poor husband had an extra week of isolation because of me. I’m not sure that it wasn’t a false negative because my temperature had been so high. However, I recovered and catching up on things. 

My malaise gone and full strength again.

I am back to reading and listening to audiobooks, writing and podcasting.

Remembering my Tools for Inner Peace

This week, I saw a recommendation on Quora as a life changing book The Inside Out Revolution (see below).It and it reminded me of a book I’d read 15 years ago.  A hardback. I couldn’t find it. So I looked through my Kindle library and found the ebook version: ‘Somebody Should Have Told Me’ by Jack Pranksy.

I cannot believe I forgot this book because it started me off on my journey of mindfulness and meditation. The messages were simple and easy to understand. I even went so far as to go to Jack Pranksy’s Brighton seminar. I queued to get his signature in my hardback book (the only time I have done that in my life).

Although I have the kindle edition  I’ve lost the paperback book. I can only guess that I gave it to a dear friend to help them. So if you have it. Can you give it back. Only joking.  I have brought the audio book now and started listening to it again. How I missed it and its simple truths. Interestingly, the audio book is read by the author who apologises for the background noises of sea and rivers. I think it adds to the books authenticity but some may find it distracting.

My Resources for Mindfulness

So with this Covid situation persisting, worries about Brexit and the economic situation and the dreadful death of George Floyd maybe you are looking for some perspective?

Here are my recommendations for strengthening your resilience and improving your life big time. Maybe you are ready to start your own journey. Try any one of these…

The Power of Now

By Eckhart Tolle – has about 9K reviews and thoroughly worth the read. I saw him live in London a couple of years ago. He sat and talked without a script for three hours.  A wonderful experience and a moving book. There are others in series too. Endorsed by Oprah!

The Untethered Soul

By Michael Singer. A beautiful book that provides insights and tools to help you.

Somebody Should have Told Me

Started me on my mindfulness journey.

The Inside Out Revolution

I read this as an audiobook this week, which let me to rediscover my inner self and strength again.

Meditations: Tara Brach

Not a book but a website which offers tons of free meditations and readings.

Try them

The messages are similar and one of them might be able to reach and help. Maybe release you from excessive suffering. I hope so. They certainly help me.

Have you got a favourite mindfulness book or article to go on this list? Let me know.

Keep well and safe.🌈


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