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The Construction Guide for Managers, Supervisor and Contractors

Why is the construction industry so difficult to understand? Is it the dangerous work such as scaffolding? Or the fact that so many people are involved in say, building a road? I answer this, and many other questions about health and wellbeing in my Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing book, out now.

Construction is, by its very nature, temporary.  A highly specialised group come together in a changing environment, then, when the jobs are done, move on to new projects.  They may be employees, self-employed or contractors.  Architects and plumbers. HR and health and safety practitioners.  Managers, supervisors, PC’s, employers and workers.  They all have different needs and wants in terms of health and wellbeing. Projects last a few months or many years, with various specialists needed throughout the lifespan of the project.

Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing
Major Building Project – HS2

For example, High Speed 2  the upgrade of the UK railway system is likely to last well into the 2020’s and beyond at a projected cost of £56 billion.  There is a huge difference between health and wellbeing of workers from the building of the railway to actually running it.

Who Works in Construction?

Workers may have travelled miles to work every day or live nearby in temporary accommodation.

They are mainly men who tend not to go to the Doctor or, as in the case of many, not have a doctor at all.

All of these things make the health and wellbeing of construction workers complex, especially as there are two pieces of health and safety law, which can come into conflict when it comes to taking responsibility for health and wellbeing.

If you want to know more how construction really works and what you need to do to keep everyone well, buy this book for reference.  You will need it.

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