NHS Occupational Health to step in

Staff Health Improvement Project Report

In a new report the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) call for a board level lead in every NHS trust to take proactive responsibility for staff health improvement and well being.

The NHS employs 1.4 million people, accounting for 40% of the NHS budget.

The Staff Health Improvement project carried out by the Health and Work Development Unit (HWDU), a partnership between the RCP and the FOM, builds on the 2010 national audit. The audit found variation in trusts’ implementation of the NICE public health guidance for the workplace. For example, less than half of trusts (44%) had an overarching strategy or policy for staff health and wellbeing. Only 9% of trusts had a plan or policy to reduce obesity amongst staff approved by the board and only 37% of trust boards had approved a plan or policy to promote the mental wellbeing of staff.

Olivia Carlton, President of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, said:

The HWDU’s work in systematic audit and sharing of good practice follows this through and is an excellent contribution to the work to improve staff health in the NHS.’

For the full report go to staff-health-improvement-project

NHS occupational health services will be a key player in working to improve the health of the workforce and this will have a knock on effect to the people they treat and advise every day.

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