Occupational Health Consultancy

Occupational Health Consultancy

Making workplaces better

This website offers occupational health consultancy advice to:

  • health and safety professionals
  • occupational health specialist practitioners
  • human resources  and personnel professionals
  • managers, and, most importantly,
  • employees and workers who have health issues in the workplace and need help and advice 

Currently, I focus on the following:

1.  Influencing and leading occupational health and safety practice in the UK

2.  Advising business and workers on safe and healthy workplaces via my own occupational health consultancy – Working Well Solutions Ltd

3.  As a blogger.  See some of my most read articles on this website:

4.  Running this website with blogs, newsletters and contemporary comment

5.  Providing free resources for professionals, such as templates, policies, and contacts in the UK and so on

6.  Writing books on all aspects of the workplace professional occupational health, safety and wellbeing issues

  1. How to Look after the “Elf” in Health and Safety
  2. How to Start a Healthy Business: An Insiders Guide to Occupational Health Success
  3. The Good, The Bad, and The Smugly: Behind the Scenes in Occupational Health
  4. Nurses Reflection Diary: A Workbook for Nurses (Revalidation)
  5. The Manager’s Ultimate Guide to Health and Wellbeing at Work
  6. Currently working on a Health and Wellbeing book for the Construction Industry

Contact Me for Your Occupational Health Consultancy Needs

I am available for short-term contracts, speaking on occupational health and safety matters and strategy advice for companies and business across the UK

I am always looking for new subjects to explore in occupational health and safety so please let me know if you need more information on any subject.  

If you think I can help with your occupational health and/or safety issue or have a question, contact me using the form here. Or if you have a comment or notice any errors on my website I would be grateful if you could let me know.