OSHCR Reform Needed – Should I Stay? Pro’s and Cons

Judith Hackett has left the building and the HSE.  On her way through the revolving doors of public office, she tells us that the OSHCR is not doing what it should.

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OSHCR Registered Consultant
OSHCR Logo for Me

The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR)

For those of you who have looked at my front page, you will see the logo of OSHCR –  I am a member of this organisation and pay to have my name displayed here.

History of OSHCR

A bit of history – the OSHCR register started in response to Lord Lofsted’s report saying that overall health and safety needs simplifying and Health and Safety consultants need to be accredited by a professional body.  Further,  any register of certified professionals was to be available in a web-based directory.

The overall aim of the OSHCR log is to help businesses in finding proper and not ‘over the top’ advice on general health and safety management. Set up by a network of professional bodies and stakeholders, establishing a so-called benchmark standard for safety consultants, thus, in theory, raising the quality of advice given to businesses.

This minimum standard for professionals is a degree level qualification and at least two years experience and active engagement in a continuing professional development scheme.

You search for a consultant by place, industry or topic,  and pick someone able to give specific, tailored advice, relevant to your business needs.

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Should I Go Or Should I Stay Now1

Coincidentally, my registration is about to run out and I have considered whether to continue my membership of this list or not. There have been rumours that the list is about to be reviewed after it was sold on to management consultants, although I can find no real details of who runs the register now.

I’ve also looked at the comments on the IOSH website page and although time-worn (2013) they are mainly negative with comments such as ‘not fit for purpose’ and not high-ranked in Google search.

This, had me thinking because the high-ranking Google SEO (search engine optimisation) had never crossed my mind, and it is relevant to how businesses know about the register.  I considered my options, which is always a good place to start:

Questions about OSHCR
Yes or No

For Staying on the OSHCR

  • Shows I am up to date/relevant
  • Makes good business sense to be on the register
  • Increases my perceived value as an H & S Consultant
  • More work due to marketing of OSHCR listing
  • All my business cards and headed paper has the OSHCR logo printed on it (shallow I know) and I would have to discard the lot!
  • Numbers of members have increased to 1,700+

Against Staying on the OSHCR

  • Costs me £70 per annum
  • More bureaucracy
  • Spam and cold calling
  • I have only ever had one query on the strength of my inclusion on the list
  • Opened to all kinds of non-safety professionals now, e.g., psychologists
  • Negative feedback from Judith Hackett of value of register

I still have another week to go before I re-register, can anyone give me some advice, please?  What have other’s done?

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  1. Apologies to the Clash for using their lyrics


After careful consideration, I decided not to renew my registration with OSHCR(17.7.2017)

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