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A New App for Risk Assessments

I’ve been contacted by an app developer to comment on a new risk assessment App.  The entry-level (with in app purchases) is free but there is an option to upgrade to the corporate app for a modest sum per annum (less than £50). This includes cloud storage and access.  This will be especially convenient for multi-multinationals and those with many outlets/premises.

There is also a video available which explains how to use this nice app.


Risk Assessor Lite – Free of Charge on the App Store from Risk Assessor on Vimeo.

Available on android and IOS

My Opinion

I would recommend you download and use the free app – it’s simple to use and I love having the ability to sign directly on your phone on to the risk assessment. Having spoken to the developer and giving it a go – I can see the benefits of having a generic format for all your risk assessments. These are all editable to suit all sorts of work and environments.  I also like the notification feature where you can set alarms for reviews of control methods or check actions in a timely way.  You can add different assessors and all the forms are editable with alarms and reminders, print capability and emailing each one.

It’s great that you can add photos too.  Having worked on construction sites though the issue of using a mobile phone.  Many sites ban these for health and safety reasons. And the perennial question of whether you need to have a regular signal from WiFi which is always an issue in out of way places.

Future Development?

My only downside is that there are no prompts for health monitoring and control (my particular specialist area). If these were available it would automatically alert risk assessors to think about “health” in the health and safety equation.

The app is commended in the BSiF National Health and Safety Awards 2015 for product innovation. And was also a finalist in the Global Tabby Awards – Vertical Market and Specific Business Solution.  Which tells me it has been thoroughly tested. Overall, a great app.

Try the lite version here for IOS and Android.

Let me know how you get on with it?

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