Simple Graphs in Excel for Occupational Health and Safety Purposes

Have you seen what you can do with Graphs and Charts?  Have you wished you could do it too?

I used this technique to show that I actually did some work in the OH department.  Because we are a confidential service, a lot of our work goes unnoticed. By providing this type of management information, there is no denying the work you do.  Try it and see

How to Make Simple Graphs in Excel

This short video (7 minutes) takes you through the steps of creating management information which you can proudly display to the board or put on your website. Microsoft Excel programme automates much of the work – all you need to do is to collect the data and add the information you want to display or a point you want to make for more resources or as an explanation.

Don’t stop there though.  Put aside a couple of hours and click on the icons to find some brilliant trick and tips or why not go to Microsoft site to see the official version?

Or the equivalent as an app for Apple here which is free.

Simple Graphs in Excel and Beyond

You can move on from simple graphs in Excel to complicated and moving.  Do you need to?  Perhaps not but it really is fun to try it out.

Can I help with anything else in Excel?  Just let me know here [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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