Workplace Wellbeing How Much Will it Cost? Try this tool

Workplace Wellbeing Tool for Business

In 2012, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) developed a health promotion, occupational health, working well solutionsfree financial assessment tool for employers and business owners. You could use it for calculating and assessing the benefits of providing occupational health programmes.

This tool also gave the structure for a business case to buy or hire an occupational health service.

The tool is in two sections – the cost and the reasons for investing, with a completed example of a business case with conclusions. It was launched by Dame Carol Black who visited Coca Cola’s Great Britain head office to launch the new Workplace Wellbeing Tool early in 2012.

This resource has been designed to help UK organisations of all kinds to set up or develop their own health and wellbeing programmes.

Produced by the Food and Drink Federation, the toolkit both draws on the industry’s collective experience and incorporates Government guidelines on healthy eating and physical activity.

Click to download the tool Workplace_Wellbeing_Tool

Will it Work?

Employers have demanded help for determining costs for health programmes for years. And the DWP has obliged.  Will anyone take up the challenge and use the tool? The results provide excellent arguments for health promotion and wellbeing programmes; just as requested.  I think not!

It reminds me of employees refusing to ride a bicycle to work because a) there was nowhere to park and b) they need showers to wash off all that sweat.

Gradually employers provided both and still, there was no participation – much to the disappointment and surprise of managers.

Well you employers you have your tool – lets see some action! Or do you know of an employer has used this tool with a positive outcome?  I would be interested and more than happy to be proved wrong.

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