Irresponsibility Deal – New Directions for Public Health?

Responsibility Deal Questions

I am currently writing a new book about occupational health and well-being in the construction industry and researching all the links I have on both my website and in documents prior to adding references in the book.

In the well-being section I was just checking the Responsibility Deal website and noticed a curious thing; the last entry of any updates I could find was in 2015.  I searched further and still nothing which was rather odd.  The only thing I could see was a small, insignificant note that the RD was set up during the coalition which ceased in 2015.  That’s new I thought!  So, after finding the blog now gone. I sent an email to the contact address which has mysteriously moved to the Government website pages.  Something strange here too I thought.

Still nothing about what is happening with the Responsibility Deal – so I dropped them an email asking for more information.  Had the site been moved or maybe the updates were elsewhere?

My Email re Responsibility Deal

This is what I asked

I am an occupational health adviser and writing a book about health in construction, and advise companies about joining the Public Health Responsibility Deal and, after searching the site and this one, can find no updates since 2015. I had taken Constructing Better Health and High Speed Two through the sign-up process. You can see their names on the list of partners.

Has the Public Health Responsibility Deal been abandoned – if so, perhaps you need to put a message on the website because I have been advising companies to sign up? It is/was such a good thing.
Could you let me know if the PHRD is continuing and if so, where to get current information from or if it is discontinued?


Department of Health Response re Responsibility Deal

Here is their response from 10th August 2017:

Dear Ms Coombs

Thank you for your recent email to the Department of Health about the Public Health Responsibility Deal.

As you will be aware, through the Responsibility Deal we have been able to harness the engagement of a number of key industry stakeholders, leading to industry led commitments on alcohol unit reduction and labelling, salt and calorie reduction, employer support for health and wellbeing in the workplace, and helping people to become more physically active.

Ministers have yet to decide on the future of the Responsibility Deal. However, we remain keen to build on its significant achievements and new programmes, such as the Childhood Obesity Plan, have advanced the work in new directions. We are also continuing to reduce harm from alcohol, including to children in families with alcoholics, as well as establishing an Employers Network to continue to drive health improvement in workplaces.


Programme Officer
Childhood Obesity Branch
Department of Health


Is it me or is this the end of the Responsibility Deal and all its 776 partners? If not, why didn’t someone from the RD answer my query? How does someone working for Childhood Obesity fit the bill? It seems that the decision has already been made to retire the RD and, if so, what happens to all the signatories and the brilliant work which is going on? Surely when the RD started someone must have thought this through?

Has anyone else got news on what is happening?  Answers in the reply box please as I am totally mystified on how this has happened so very quietly.

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