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Working Well Solutions provides occupational health consultancy services to both large and small businesses across the UK, including construction, NHS, manufacturing, transport and local government.

We offer a practical, pragmatic approach to our clients’ health and safety wants and needs; all of which based on current and evidence based knowledge of what is working in the fast changing world of health and safety legislation, plus all the latest thinking on health and wellbeing initiatives.

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Workplace Benefits – What is Number One?
I clearly remember writing about sleep pods, fun days and bringing your pet to work as innovative concepts for employee perks over the past  few years.  From a wellbeing perspective, I also write about the joys of health promotion campaigns
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Sun Awareness – Tool box talk for outdoor workers
Keep Cool – Follow my tips  for outdoor workers Summer is here and we all love to get out for the Vitamin D dose. However, outdoor workers may already have had their daily dose by the time the rest of
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balancing ballerina
Work-life Balance
Worried about your work-life balance? Can you never stop thinking about work? Read the research and strategies that might help you and others to guard against this 21st century disease.
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An smiling ageing worker with a cap
How Wellbeing Programmes can help with the Ageing Worker
How are we going to cope with the ageing worker when our ideas are outdated and prejudiced. Read this article to find out the truth and how to keep workers in work.
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image of girl in hat vaping
Vaping – How it works
Wondering about vaping? If you are a smoker and want to give up, I say go for it but there are drawbacks to vaping. Watch the video too about nicotine
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nurse, occupational health nurse
Want to be a Nurse? Here’s my opinion
Reflection on Nursing Have you ever answered a question automatically and then wondered where that came from or  worse, why you said it? That happened to me today.  A dear friend, having a hard time at work, asked me for
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