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Jane Coombs

Working Well Solutions provides occupational health, safety and wellbeing workplace consultancy services to any size of business across the UK.

I offer a practical approach based on my experience of many industries and my working with policy makers at the highest level.

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Comments on topical news items and published items.

Also, things that have caught my eye or real questions I’ve been asked

What Power Does Occupational Health Have?
What are the powers of occupational health in my company? Can they stop me from working or say I am not fit for work? Can they overrule a Doctor's fit note? All is revealed in this article.
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a crystal ball to see the future of oh
The Future of Occupational Health/Medicine
I read the article by Mandy Murphy, Occupational Health: A speciality worth fighting for? (Sept 2019). Mandy tells us that numbers entering occupational health (OH) and medicine (OM) are falling and many are over age 53. She suggest OH/OM is
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Sign saying First Choice as I show my preference for HR or H&S
Which Department for Occupational Health? HR or H&S?
HR or H&S for OH? I’ve worked in occupational health (OH) for years and advised many companies. Some businesses put OH in the H&S department and some in HR; only once was I in the Facilities department which was strange.
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Making a Podcast
I recently started a podcast called Working Well Sometimes and this article covers how I did it. Most of the equipment I already had or available as free software e.g., Audacity. The biggest resource was time. I did not do
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walk through a forest
Workplace Benefits – What is Number One?
I remember writing about sleep pods, fun days and bringing your pet to work as innovative concepts for employee perks over the past few years.  From a wellbeing perspective, I also write about the joys of health promotion campaigns and how
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Sun Awareness – Tool box Talk
Keep Cool – Follow my tips  for outdoor workers Summer is here and we all love to get out for the Vitamin D dose. However, outdoor workers may already have had their daily dose by the time the rest of
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