Jane Coombs

Jane Coombs

Working Well Solutions provides occupational health consultancy services to both large and small businesses across the UK, including construction, NHS, manufacturing, transport and local government.

We offer a practical, pragmatic approach to our clients’ health and safety wants and needs; all of which based on current and evidence based knowledge of what is working in the fast changing world of health and safety legislation, plus all the latest thinking on health and wellbeing initiatives.


What Working Well Solutions offer to clients:

All aspects of occupational health and wellbeing work

Access to templates and adaptable policies

Peer reviewed articles and books

The best return on investment for your workplace

Strategic advice across industries such as construction, manufacturing, local government and NHS




Advice on legal requirements

Templates and policies

Examples of best practice

Wellbeing strategies and return on investment

List of resources

Case studies


Advice and Information


Resources and links to legislation and best practice advice

Views on recent developments

Breaking news on what’s happening in the H & S world

Strategies for preventing work related health and safety issues


Your Rights & Advice


Fact sheets and explanations

Places to go for further information

Information to help if you are struggling at work

Support and advice


Comments on topical news items and published items.

Also, things that have caught my eye or real questions I’ve been asked

Have a question and need a speedy response?  Call 07710080947 for a free consultation

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