Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing – New Book

Well, my Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing book has been a long time in the hatching. But not long to go now.

I started it over one year ago and finished it today. There is a lot of information here – over 200 reference websites and lists of resources that the construction professionals – not just health and safety, but also clients, contractors, supervisors, designers and site agents all use.

The Construction Guide is for anyone who is thinking of working in construction, already works there or in the supply chain.  Occupational health professionals and associated disciplines such as hygienists and counselling services will gain insights on how to assist the industry too.  This book will answer a lot of your questions.

To whet your appetite – I have included a short extract – the chapter on contaminated land here:

Construction Guide - Chapter 13 contaminated land
Construction Guide – Photo by Dikaseva on Unsplash

Chapter 13

Contaminated Land

The UK has many chemical contaminants in soil, caused by industrial and domestic pollution in the past. Land contamination can pose a threat to the environment and the health of humans, animals and plants with:

  • Heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium and lead
  • Oils and tars
  • Chemical substances and preparations, like solvents
  • Gases
  • Asbestos
  • Radioactive materials

Most soil contains small amounts of contaminants, but generally, levels of risk are usually low. However, ex-industrial and landfill sites may pose an unacceptable level of risk to human health and may need remedial treatment before building work begins.

Further Advice and Resources

[1] Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (formerly MAFF)

To be Published Soon – Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing

Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing
Construction Guide to Health and Wellbeing

There are forty other chapters from doing the perfect toolbox talk; to information about safety critical workers. In each chapter, there are links to videos and reputable website resources for further explanation. All used by the professionals.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

If you would like to pre-order either formats, let me know using the comments box below and I will send you the links when available.

The Construction Guide will be available as a print version for £9:99 and an e-book for £4:99 with a free promotion of the e-book to boost sales in the first week.


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