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Starting Out in Occupational Health

I run my own health and safety business and this website for some years now.  When I started, I had lots of enquiries about the process. So, with a little help from my friends, I published my first book in April 2013.  ‘How to Start a Healthy Business: An Insiders Guide to Occupational Health Success’ is for those interested in taking that first step in starting a new business or consultancy.  The book explains what you need to do to be successful. I explain how you don’t have to do everything all at once. Perhaps you can begin with a small element of OH such as setting up display screen equipment? Or training managers on attendance management maybe; or running wellbeing courses (trendy now).

From there you can move on to bigger projects, taking on more experts and refine your customer service. I know because I have done it all.

The biggest project was working for High Speed 2 and since then I have advised OH providers pass their SEQOHS assessment and started businesses too.  I share my secrets with you and give great tips for getting one step ahead of the others. Currently, (November 2018), I work with Hampshire Police and Express Medicals advising on best practice and strategy.  I also have recent experience in setting up new contracts and working with Public Health.  There have been many changes since the first edition so a second edition is due in early 2019.

The book is available via Amazon, How to Start a Healthy Business – my guide to help you startup

Extract from Set Up Costs – Chapter 9:

As we all know we seem to be living in times of blame and health is high up the list of increased lawsuits. Doctors and nurses working in the NHS are automatically covered against medical negligence with liability insurance. However when you begin to work for yourself or go out into the private sector this cover ceases and you have to explore setting up your own personal and corporate liability insurance schemes.
Some clients insist on evidence of insurance before awarding a contract.

Popular PI for nurses is provided by the Royal College of Nursing (there may be issues with working with non-RCN members and you need to get this clarified before taking up any scheme).

If a claim for negligence is made against your business, most professional indemnity insurance covers the cost of legal defence and compensation needed to put things right.  Most companies offer different cover levels depending on the nature of the risk or the requirements of the client.

How to Start a Healthy Business: An Insiders Guide to Occupational Health Success also has occupational health themes and suggestions on how to improve chances of success, with chapters on building a website, using social media and how to negotiate and close deals when tendering for contracts, plus much more.

Many of my occupational health colleagues edited and have improved this book. So if you want to know some good techniques to improve or start an occupational health business buy this today.

Are you Starting Your Own Occupational Health Business?

Let me know how you get on too and any tips I can add for future occupational health start-ups.  Good luck to anyone starting out. Remember I can advise you individually if you get stuck or perhaps you would like to join my mentoring programme?

If would like some help, so if you want to volunteer to be one of my editors, please let me know. I promise you a copy of the finished updated copy too. Contact me via the reply box below if interested?

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